Monday, January 22, 2007

Pixel Power: Has Anything Really Changed?

I love it all -- podcasts, rss, digital slides -- never met a wiki I didn't like. But do these things change the way we teach? Should they? I really value my interactions with my students, and I don't want any jpegs or gigabytes getting between us. What I think digital technology can do -- and what it is best at -- is to change the way our students learn.

Still a Place for Slide???

Along with the ongoing discussion of the logistics of transferring images to databases (an issue that is striking hard at all colleges and universities in the US and the world), I also wonder about the persistence of the slide as a necessity. Should they be kept? Should they be whittled down to a smaller, more imperative collection? Will they, and should they, ever be completely discarded?

I must admit to being somewhat old fashioned in respect to this, firmly believing that we should, for the foreseeable future, have at least a small, essential collection of slides on hand. While the availability of the digital image grows, it is still currently on shaky footing. The issue of copyright notwithstanding, there are the issues of collecting images, quality control of images, and consistent upgrading that must be done. While we are certainly witnessing the end of slide use as many of us knew it, I'm not sure that the time has come to completely abandon the slide as a backup to technology!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

What's a Slide Projector Anyhow?

Teaching the Arts has changed forever in this digital age. This will be a space to discuss fresh ideas for the use of digital images and technology primarily in the classroom. We intend to discern a path forward to a new standard for the projection of digital images, presentations, and any other technological marvel that can improve our abiltiy to communicate to students in the classroom - and have fun doing it.
Welcome change. Join us as we go dithering about...