Monday, January 22, 2007

Pixel Power: Has Anything Really Changed?

I love it all -- podcasts, rss, digital slides -- never met a wiki I didn't like. But do these things change the way we teach? Should they? I really value my interactions with my students, and I don't want any jpegs or gigabytes getting between us. What I think digital technology can do -- and what it is best at -- is to change the way our students learn.

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Brian said...

New technological tools can change the way we teach for the better. For example, access to a wider array of images allows for moments of spontaneity in the classroom and open up the possibility of endless juxtaposition of images. In the end I feel that if technology gets it right, it should free us to focus more on students rather than standing in our way. I keep trying to imagine how one taught art before the photograph and the slide projector. Were there doubting voices then who questioned how one could teach art from a photograph?